Sunday, April 23, 2006

The future of Net Neutrality is now

by Ken Houghton

Westchester sets a standard; who will enforce it?

It's certainly a political issue:
"There are many unsecured wireless networks out there, and any malicious individual with even minimal technical competence would have no trouble accessing information that should be kept confidential," [Westchester County Executive Andrew] Spano said. [emphasis mine]

"It would be nice if these businesses took the necessary steps on their own to ensure their networks were kept secure, but the sad fact is that many don't."

But here's why it's an Economics issue:
Bruce Schneier, chief technical officer of Counterpane Internet Security Inc., said laws like Westchester's are probably helpful "because the information companies have on their networks is more valuable to you than it is to them and the law gives them an incentive" to protect it.

Anyone read that last paragraph and not understand why outsourcing is more popular with companies than workers?
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