Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The one job in the Federal Government that I would take

by Ken Houghton

With all the fooforah about the inability to make useful changes in the Bush team , this seems a good time to take a step back and salute ones of the area of the Federal Government that continues to do a virtuous job.

Off the top of my headline, I know of three college classmates who had prominent roles in the Clinton Administration. No one from subsequent years is in the Bush administration, though Matt Cooper and Miguel Estrada have gained some measure of fame from their dealings with it.

So maybe Josh and Duncan are correct, but there is still one area where, were the job to be available and agreements could be reached, someone interested in maintaining their reputation and serving the commonweal should have no trouble joining.

Following is a very limited survey of their recent work (several PDF):

Analysis of Data Sharing practices that even the WaPo couldn't ignore

Ongoing Health Effects of 11 Sep 2001

A consideration of the Long-Term Fiscal state of the country

Improving the Security of Electronic Voting

Veterans' Employment and Training Service

Katrina and Rita Responses and Contracts

The Management of the Creation of the Department of Homeland Security

DOD Acquisitions not suited for the information restructuring

and a wealth of Archives that have not yet been sold to Showtime.
Whenever someone complains about the Government, point them to the GAO and, to a less but still significant extent, to the CBO.

The Truth is Out There.
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