Thursday, April 13, 2006

Golf Balls From Heaven

by Tom Bozzo

(40 GB iPod Photo for scale)


Damage to the cars: TBD The dent removal guy will make a fortune off my car, which is extensively dinged. A large hailstone took out the rear glass of Suzanne's car, spraying the driveway and the interior of the car with shards of glass. The two-week odyssey to get the darn thing fixed late last year was part of the reason why I got my present (4-door, automatic transmission) wheels, so at least we're prepared for the ensuing service outage. Its stout German sheet metal seems to have fared better than mine.

Inclination to build garage sooner rather than later: Increasing! Hello, Architectural Building Arts!

Addendum 4/15/06: If you must know, the storm beat about $7,500 worth of damage into the cars. Years of insurance premium payments are vindicated!
Holy Schnikes!!!
This is one of the times that bicycle-riding Bryan has the advantage--though not if he was out in it.

What Bryan Said. (now, if I only knew how big a 40G iPod is).
Ken: I understand that the hail was closer to marble-size in the vicinity of Bryan's campus home-away-from-home.

The "iPod" link takes you to the current iPod specs page -- the H x W are pretty close between the current iPods and mine; mainly, the new ones are thinner.
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