Saturday, April 08, 2006

Whan that Aprill...

by Tom Bozzo

Grow, little dicentra.

After a solid week spent too much staring into computer screens, it was a nice change of pace to get out into today's — surprisingly non-warming — sunshine and scratch around in the dirt for a while. That held up even as much of the actual dirt-scratching was to fix a muddy trench excavated in the terrace by an unknown driver early in the week. "That's naughty and dangerous," said John, getting quickly to the heart of the matter.

Based on an initial survey of the beds (redesigned and replanted last year), it doesn't look like we've had any major winter casualties. The bit of turf we'd had modest success in cultivating in the back yard is not looking at all well, though. (Our predecessors had a big play structure, which went with them, and a lot of mulch back there.) Time to start thinking of restoring it to its former shade garden glory, perhaps.

Meanwhile, the city just added $27,000 to its guesstimate of my real property wealth. Pop the champagne!
Woohoo! Go Tom! And go, little dicentra. I went out to the chalk downs today to see the newly blooming pasque flowers, which only grow on that kind of rabbit-grazed impoverished soil. Real value, indeed.
Must have been lovely, Xtin. I think we're still about 6 weeks out for the earliest-blooming perennials in our yard.
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