Friday, May 12, 2006

He's Baaack?

by Tom Bozzo

At first, I thought the WPR report on Tommy Thompson's possible return to Wisconsin politics (text not on the Web yet, but see here later) was just the tail end of a really bad dream. But then I woke up some more, and it was real! Aaaahughh!

Oh, there will be ever so much more about his return, assuming he decides that he can forego whatever load of undertaxed income he's making in his particular segment of the administration-association-consulting revolving door. A few quick points, and one bone to pick with the WPR journamalism.

Last, the gripe directed at WPR's Chuck Quirmbach, who reported the story. Figuring prominently in the reporting were results of a poll suggesting that Thompson would thrash both Mark Green, until now the presumptive Republican nominee for Governor, as well as Jim Doyle. A Senate matchup with Herb Kohl reportedly would be much closer. Quirmbach mentioned that the poll was from Strategic Vision, but not that Strategic Vision is a Republican partisan polling outfit. I don't mean to suggest that the qualitative results surprise me, given the stage of the campaign and the inexplicably warm and fuzzy memories Thompson's reign that prevail here, but that the polling is not neutral would be useful information to WPR listeners.

Update: Tommy is not back after all, reports the Wisconsin State Journal; Mark Green is a hapless dork the best candidate for governor, ever! (Seriously, he is a hapless dork.)
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