Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Late to the Party...

by Tom Bozzo

I interrupt proceedings to bring you pure triviality! Through the miracle of Netflix, I finally got around to watching the pilot miniseries of the new (and vastly improved) Battlestar Galactica. As televised science fiction goes, it might not quite be the equal of Babylon 5, but it's pretty good. When the original was on TV, I basically wanted the Cylons to put the rag-tag fugitive fleet out of its misery.

As with anything of this sort, here are a few observations/gripes that in the good ol' days of the 'Net could have been flame-war fodder:
These are basically nitpicks, though. It may not convince me to bring cable TV into the house, but following the rest of the series is a given.
Don't worry. Every thing except the nuclear weapons thing will be kind of explained (and no, it's not exactly "rational", but that will eventual make sense in the context of the show). Even the election of uber-creep Baltar will make sense.
Very good. I'd managed to catch part of the second season finale while on a business trip (hotel stays being my main exposure to cable TV), so I'm in the position of knowing where things are headed but not at all how they get there.
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