Monday, June 05, 2006

The Headline Says It All

by Ken Houghton

Duke reinstates lax team under watchful eye

Not to beat a dead horse (more), but the article is calm, reasoned and damning:
A university investigation also found a history of disciplinary problems involving team members, including underage drinking and public urination.

[Duke President Richard] Brodhead said Monday that he and the school's athletics administrators would rethink their decision to reinstate the lacrosse team if they see any repeat of "patterns of irresponsible, individual or team behaviors familiar from the past."

Which is what they say, not to put too fine a point on it, going into 2005.

So the new policy is at least going to be strict, right?
A first infraction of the conduct code will result in at least a warning and community service, the university said. A second infraction will earn a three-game suspension; a third a season-long suspension.

Credibility warning: no one who attacked Steve Howe's baseball career is any longer allowed to say anything positive about Duke's sports program.

They don't even try to hide the reality:
Brodhead said the school had an objective in restoring the team to competition.

"[If] we did not allow these players the chance to take responsibility for creating a new history for their sport at Duke, we would be denying another very fundamental value: the belief in the possibility of learning from experience, the belief in education itself," he said.

And besides, have you seen the sales of Duke Lacrosse wear? Think of the licensing rights!

In this context, it appears I owe an apology to former University of Colorado President Betsy Hoffman, whose unfathomable defense of the "culture" engendered by Gary Barnett among the school's football team at least was driven by the "private millions to enlarge the football stadium and deck it out with sky boxes." Unless the Duke lacrosse budget is a lot bigger than I suspect, Brodhead now goes down as that worst of all possible Presidents, a cheap whore, lowering the bar that Hoffman had already limboed into near non-existence even more.
Oh my. I guess the headline writer has an opinion on the case!
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