Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Inadequate Parenting of Superhuman Proportions

by Unknown

"Mommy, where do animals come from" [points to Bugs Life wind-up toys]
"Those? Probably from a factory in China."
"No, not those animals, all animals."
"Well, they come from their mothers and fathers, who came from their mothers and fathers, and so on."
"But where did the first animals come from?"
[ohshitohshitohshit]: "Hmm. See, millions of years ago when the earth was very young, it just had rocks and water and algae and these tiny creatures called protozoa. The protozoa grew more and more complicated, until they looked like the animals we saw in the fossil at the museum in Seattle. Then those animals evolved into fish, and frogs, and dinosaurs, and birds, and eventually other animals."
"Oh. [pause.] Mommy, what does evolved mean?"
"Well, when an animal changes so that it can live easier in the world around it, that animal has evolved. So, evolve means to change."
"Are humans animals?"
"Oh. So, Superman evolves from Clark Kent?"
"Sort of, only evolution doesn't usually happen in phone booths. Well, except in New Jersey."
Hey Kim,

Maybe try this. It's a good introduction to evolution suitable for children (with a little help).

And I'd say your parenting seems pretty decent from here...
I'm with Drek -- seems pretty good to me. At least you have some time before he starts asking where the unicellular life came from...
We don't have any phone booths worth, er, "evolving" in left in NJ.

What Tom and Drek Said. The only thing you need to do is tie it all together with a "we-have-evolved-to-the-point-where-we-have-the-Chinese-make-your-toys" coda.
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