Friday, June 23, 2006

Tyler Cowen Parody Post (first of a series)

by Ken Houghton

There is currently a "package" across the street from my office. A few years ago, this would have kept me from working, the building being closed and all that. Now, however, through the glories of technology, I can login to my account via the Internet and telnetVPN into my machine in the office.

Advances in technology have caused a major increase in productivity. It's great to be me now, instead of twenty years ago.

UPDATE: Context for the above:
At one point there was a security cordon preventing people from getting into [our building], yet there was no evacuation of those who were already in the building. I know that this caused some of our people there to be concerned about the apparent contradiction, so I thought that it would be helpful for us all to know the reason for this action.

There was a small rollabout suitcase abandoned on the opposite side of Park Avenue. The authorities assessed the situation, and in conjunction with the building management decided that the in the event that the suitcase had turned out to be an explosive device, it would be safer inside the building above the second or third floor, than being out in the open on the street, hence the decision not to evacuate, and the size of the street level cordon.

At all times during this incident the [firm name omitted] security team were in contact with the building management group and the authorities, if they had believed that the wrong decision was being taken regarding evacuation, they would have been able to take independent action and evacuate our floors.

It transpired that the suitcase was full of clothes

I waited all day for the Times, the Post, the Daily News or to mention it, especially since "the opposite side of Park Avenue" is a church, and the thing took several firetrucks, over one dozen cops, and impacted several hundred (possibly thousands) of people, since it closed the area from about 8:15 to 9:15. The only thing the Post wants to headline is the goofballs who wanted to attack the Sears Tower. Meanwhile, our already-reduced DHS budget is out several thousand dollars.

Fortunately, no one was injured.
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