Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Thought She Looked Familiar...

by Ken Houghton

I can't link to the original website (it's SEX, according to our blocking software), but I'll never be able to look at the "PBS Sprout" option on the OnDemand menu quite the same way again:
The PBS Kids Sprout network has fired the host of "The Good Night Show" after learning she had appeared in videos called "Technical Virgin (update: link not to video; indeed, there is no sex on the site)."

"PBS Kids Sprout has determined that the dialogue in this video is inappropriate for her role as a preschool program host and may undermine her character's credibility with our audience," said Sandy Wax, network president.

Because the two audiences overlap so much.
Airing for three hours each evening, "The Good Night Show" airs soothing stories and cartoons designed to get an audience of 2-to-5-year-olds ready for bed. Each night, Martinez guides a puppet character into dreamland. Martinez is a stage actress and mother of a toddler.

Gonna have to stick with reading the eldest Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I guess.
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