Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Scary Thing to See

by Ken Houghton

No, not the article about how RNC fundraising claims bear no resemblance to reality. Look at the ad on the right, in the #1 position.

Horror of horrors; it's an ad against an incumbent Democrat. On KOS. Clearly, the blogofascists who run the site advertised have no sense whatsoever of the proper political process of deferring to the incumbent in all cases.

Oh, wait, it's not against Lieberman, so it's probably all right.

The challenger is a Democrat, too. Chill.
Anon, you've clearly missed the subtext, if not the text, of the post.

Which gives me a chance to note that while anonymous (as distinct from pseudonymous) comments are not forbidden, they're not exactly encouraged either. Please pick a handle or else start your own blog.
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