Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day Extra

by Tom Bozzo

Just because we ditched one King George only to get another one 230 years later doesn't mean that there isn't anything to celebrate. So we set off for our neighborhood's kids-oriented event this morning.

To my surprise, the kids shared the wagon pretty well.

The Monroe St. Michael's was the assembly point for the bike/stroller/wagon parade. We resisted the custard temptation. In retrospect, I'm not sure why.

The kids are reloaded in the wagon, now with decorations.

Parading to Wingra Park.

I have to "marvel at the wonders of the market--that, like a god, knows that in [Madison] there is demand by [the Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association] for [inexpensive July 4th novelties], and that diverts bags of the stuff to be carried by truck, train, containership... How wise is the market!"
That looks like fun (even without the frozen custard). Sorry I missed it.

I really ought to take a closer look at the newsletter distributed by our neighborhood association.
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