Friday, August 25, 2006

In Which Tom and I, imitating "30 Days," switch Geographies

by Ken Houghton

While Tom and family, especially Julia, "travel all the Northeast states" (to borrow from the sage whose second marriage may be going the way of his first—or not), the eldest (5) and I are about to embark on a trip to Mishawaka/South Bend, IN, driving at night both ways in hopes that she'll be well-rested by the time we get to Grandma's.

While there are several Hoosier-based bloggers, such modern conveniences are not likely to be available to me for the next several days. (Fear not: Tom is re-energized, and has a few in the pipeline.)

Have fun storming the castle.

(Time changed to push U of A post to rightful position at top of blog.)
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