Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Matthew Effect in Practice

by Unknown

Long the baliwick of high-end hotels, curved (aka crescent) shower curtain rods are all the rage in bathroom remodelling for the middle-class masses. These gizmos are like a regular shower curtain rod but bend out in the middle, giving you extra elbow room in the middle of the tub.

Now, you'd think that a product touted as providing extra room would be available for tubs that are shorter than standard length (60"). You'd think, but you'd be wrong: they're only made for 60" or 72" tubs.[1]

You could chalk this up to the obesification (TM) of America, or perhaps to a clever decision to market products to the unfortunate souls who bought McMansions in the late 1990s/early 00s. I prefer, though, to see this as yet another example of how the rich get richer. Those of us with small bathtubs are doomed to a lifetime of morning embraces by a cold, wet, and often sticky shower curtain.

[1] I'm sorry, but if you need extra elbow space to take a shower in a 72" x 42" tub, you don't need a curved shower rod as much as you need to rethink your decision to walk like an Egyptian every morning.
Laughing. How I dread that morning embrace from the icky shower curtain!
Uh, there is another (potential, to be certain) advantage of the extra space in the shower.
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