Monday, August 14, 2006

(Washington, D.C.) On the Road (sic) Again

by Tom Bozzo

I'm in D.C. for business — as interested, you can hear me get grilled during the Postal Rate Commission hearings on Wednesday via webcast. Additional security BS notwithstanding, travel here was smooth. The MSN-DCA nonstop flight is apparently doing well enough that it's currently operated with a 70-seat Avro RJ with a first-class cabin (vs. a very cramped Bombardier CRJ). Since the weekend's flights seemed to be packed with refugees from this drum and bugle corps extravaganza at Camp Randall, I was privileged to pay a fare that entitled me to sit up front. On the economy class return, I'll be curious to see what the new security rules have done to the space in the overhead compartments.

Jeremy may be able to joke about the $12/day hotel broadband at the ASAs, but my hotel doesn't offer broadband of any description. Moreover, the historic building's two-foot-thick masonry walls interfere with the obvious alternative of trying to pick up an open wireless access point from an apartment in the surrounding neighborhood. So my information input has contracted towards the contents of the hardcopy Washington Post (eeek!) plus a little more sucked through 28.8 kilobits of dialup bandwidth.

(Note to readers: Pointers to free wireless internet access points in downtown Washington would be gratefully accepted.)

Some scary PowerBook flakiness seems to have resolved itself after pulling a bum stick of 5-1/2-year-old RAM, but I think this is the sign that a MacBook Pro is in my near future. Darn!

Accordingly, output will be lower even by recent standards. But I did get mail with from Orley Ashenfelter complaining about this post, about which more when I'm back in broadband-land.
You could try this but of course it requires you to be connected ;-)
Noticed that cathy b's link doesn't include Bryant Park in its database; there are likely some DC-area parks and the like that have been made accessible by Google.

Check with a Senator's Aide tomorrow. Good luck.
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