Tuesday, September 26, 2006

John Milo ("Mike") Ford

by Ken Houghton

I have very little to add to either what Teresa or Henry Farrell Said. But this blog has enough people (including Tom) who would or do enjoy reading his work that the passing needs to be noted.

(Straining for a personal note, I see that my wife's second piece [I had misremembered it as her first] for NYRSF was a review of The Princes of the Air. It will do. Now go to Making Light and follow the treasure trove of links, comments, and the references there.)

Addendum 9/27/06: In comments, Gary Farber usefully points to his post, which offers a collection of links from around the blogiverse.
A very brief and inadequate post here.
This is a very dumb comment, but I've been straining for months to pin down my vague memory of how and where I know you from, Ken.

I had it tagged to all sorts of vague stuff: Boston, Readercon, Boskone, sercon fandom, whatnot. Echos. Vaguely.

I finally figured out the utterly stupid and obvious only today: you're married to Shira! (Yes, how stupid and obvious?)

I went to a party at your house a decade ago with Rebecca Lesses.

Other stuff, too, to summarize a long list.

All I can say is that my life has confused me, and my memory, at times. (And please don't ask me to start tracing out my back-lines to Kevin (and Bernadette and Arthur), p&t, David (Katherine, whom I knew since she was 15), back in the day when I read NYRSF, etc., etc., etc., and goodness knows how etc.)

Anyway, apologies for being slow.

Outer planet orbits.
Such a small blogiverse...

Thanks for reminding me of your post, Gary (which, of course, I saw in the good ol' RSS reader) -- the collection of links is useful to a less connected reader such as me, so I added it to Ken's post.

Which is to say, "Kathryn," (unlike her sister Karen). Oy.
"Such a small blogiverse..."

It has bugged me, in fact, unendingly, trying to figure out where I knew Ken's name from, and whether we'd met, and if so, where.

I was sure I did and we had, but I couldn't quite remember where from....


Thus my feeling dopey.
Of course! The combination Ellen-comes-out/Ken's birthday/waffle party.

(I had been trying to figure out if we'd met when you were living at Robert Legault's, but I don't remember ever actually being in the apartment.)

The level of not-feeling-dopey has now been raised twice.
A quite pleasant party, incidentally; I seem to recall having a nice long conversation with Susan Palwick, assuming I'm not confusing parties, which isn't a safe assumption.

"I had been trying to figure out if we'd met when you were living at Robert Legault's, but I don't remember ever actually being in the apartment."

Few people ever visited Robert while I was there, and I never had any guests; it wasn't, shall we say, well set up for visitors (just starting with being a "railway" tenement apt. doesn't help).
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