Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rick Santorum's Gathering Storm

by Ken Houghton

My morning radio listening featured a surprise this morning: Nachum speaking with Senator Rick Santorum.

Santorum repeatedly used the phrase "Islamofascist." (Nachum notably did not lower himself to that level.) And he continues to blame the media—apparently for quoting him accurately.

But most interesting is that The Senator from Virginia Pennsylvania plans a speech today on "the Gathering Storm" that we must address or be seen as enablers of the Islamofascists. (Who, certainly, have no support from our allies—say, in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.)

Given how accurate the Threatening Storm proved to be, we can only expect that the Churchillian Santorum, his evangelical base, and the religious leadership that supports him will have a greater grasp on reality than the Senator himself.

UPDATE: Again via Duncan Black (who pulls the perfect quote from the piece), here's coverage of the speech.
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