Monday, October 23, 2006

George Pataki joins those trying to convince me Democrats are liberal and organized

by Ken Houghton

Just a few highlights:

Dear Ken,

It only takes a few people stepping forward in any situation to make a difference. Today, you can be one of those people.

In 2004, fewer than 36,000 votes spread across just three states--an amount you could fit into a baseball stadium and have plenty of room to spare--decided the presidential election in favor of President Bush.

A few questions:
  1. When did it become common to end the salutation of a business letter with just a comma?
  2. Who were they?
  3. How well do they sleep at night?, and finally,
  4. Why has this been called a "mandate" for the past nearly-two years?

This year's elections will be just as close. So when RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman asked me to help make sure our Party's Get-Out-The-Vote programs are fully funded, I jumped at the chance.

That's why the e-mail is dated October 22nd.
If we fail to win, liberal Democrats will take over every committee in Congress and undo everything President Bush and the GOP Congress have accomplished -- including rolling back the landmark tax cuts and reducing our commitment to winning the War against Terror.

  1. Does anyone believe there are enough "liberal Democrats" in Congress to take over every committee?
  2. If the Democrats plan to do something like that, why didn't they before (via the L&T Shakes)?, and
  3. Why doesn't this note mention a fear that they might investigate the Administration? Maybe because they know that the majority of voters think of impeachment as a priority?

The RNC is implementing an aggressive campaign strategy to contact, identify and turn out every GOP voter.

So I see. But clearly they're at the bottom of the barrel for people to sign off on that strategy.
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