Friday, November 24, 2006

A Good Thanksgiving Was Had By All

by Tom Bozzo

The Thanksgiving portrait of the children was a lot harder to get than I expected. The cranky autofocus was less the issue than rampaging preschooler silliness. For some reason, they were responding to "say cheese" cue by saying "cheese" and jumping up. Getting them to hold hands helped keep bums on the family room steps. So did being Sneaky Daddy and taking the picture while they were winding up for the "cheese."


I'd say if you want Thanksgiving food photography, head over to the NinaNet, but for various reasons only ingredients are visible now. Tune in later, I presume. The city smelled really good while Suzanne and I were taking our Thanksgiving bike ride, though until someone invents the smell-o-web, you'll have to use your imagination.

John's red ears indicate our success at nearly running out those atomic preschooler batteries. The crash occurred during dinner, where the whimpering boy was a minor damper on the occasion. John wound up heading up for bed at 6.

Astonishingly, he filled up on celery and carrots (OK, plus some crackers and pretzels) beforehand and basically didn't touch dinner. He particularly won't touch mashed potatoes under any circumstances, whereas Uncle Steve and I would have been happy as children if Thanksgiving Dinner consisted solely of mashed potatoes and gravy. Go figure.

We have another unnaturally pleasant day on tap, so more perhaps after we try to soak up some sunshine. It'll take a lap of Lake Monona plus a trip to the gym to work yesterday off.
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