Friday, December 29, 2006

"I see London, I see France..."

by Unknown

In my never-ending effort to decrease the level of intellectual discourse on Tom's blog, here's a snippet from a CNN report on the best/worst of 2006.
"When asked to choose from a list of names, nearly three in 10 adults, or 29 percent, bestowed the honor of worst celebrity of the year on Spears.

The 25-year-old pop singer and mother of two young sons recently filed for divorce from Kevin Federline, her husband of two years. She then followed with highly publicized nights out with party girls Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, including photographic evidence of Spears wearing no underpants, which raised questions about her fitness as a parent."

Now, I don't know about you, but I don't see that there's a strong negative effect of, or even correlation between, wearing underpants and being fit to be a parent. (If you take the evolutionary view of fitness, if anything it's a positive correlation.)

In fact, in the greater scheme of things, I'd probably choose an underpants-less celebrity who leaves the kids home with a nanny while she goes out partying over a celebrity who bounces manically on couches and espouses the evils of antidepressants, or one who drives while three sheets to the wind and spouts off racial slurs.

Yet despite the fact that both Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson are fathers, in Tom Cruise's case of chilluns pretty close in age to Britney's and in Mel Gibson's case 7 and possibly 8 times over, I haven't seen much sign that anyone is questioning their fitness as parents based on their behavior. (Or at least that the mainstream media has picked up on the idea and deemed it worth repeating.)

Double standard? You make the call.
Mel's kids are old now, no? And I don't believe anyone is hoping that Tommy C. (two yeaers behind Shira in high school) becomes a stay-at-home dad.

If you want to talk double-standard, your target should be this piece of horseshit, which suggests that females go from thinned out to fucked out to drugged out (but with enough money to expunge the record, at least), but that "Boys don’t seem to have such constricted horizons," in an article that has more strawmen than an Aggie bonfire.
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