Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Spotted on the subway today

by Ken Houghton

On the shuttle from Grand Central to Times Square, a tall, well-dressed gentleman with hair greyer than mine, bearing a leather carrying case.

Said case was immaculate, save for a "bumper sticker" attributed to and suggesting "frog marching."

Curiously, I can't find the phrase on the site, nor does Cafe Press offer the sticker.

Tell me again about how the public isn't ready for investigation and/or impeachment.
Hey there, Ken.
Thant gent is me.

The sticker has the motto of this site:
Booman Tribune

CabinGirl (a fellow poster there) led me to your post.

On top of the page there is a link to "Store", you can get the stickers there.
You can also follow the link to "FAQ" to understand the motto.
Welcome, ask!

I'd thought the frog graphic said it all -- and the frog mug might just have to join my Fafmug! in morning coffee duty... but is the color bumper sticker really supposed to be $21?!

As for the public-ready bit, I get a skewed viewpoint from my neighborhood, where impeachment signs are a dime a dozen; the more interesting question is who among my neighbors *doesn't* want to impeach them. Apropos of a lunchtime discussion of a problem with impeaching Bush at lunch yesterday (President Cheney and the problem of conducting simultaneous impeachments), I'm seeing more of a new 'Impeach Bush and Cheney' sign around.
yup, the bumper stickers have a nice price. Martin (aka BooMan) is smart enough and cool enough not to bother us BooTribbers with PayPal links and such, so the color bumper stickers are the primary way we users show our support for the site. It avoids lots of financial machinations that would be necessary in order for BooMan to accept outright 'donations'.

Btw, the frog's name is Darwin.
Thanks for the background, blueneck -- that approach to financing the site is new to me. (I try not to pass judgment on bloggers who put out tip jars, some of whom deserve it, need it, or both. Well, except for Ann Althouse [neither].)
Thanks for the welcome, Tom.

yup, as blueneck notes - it's part of how (some of) the users support the running of the site.
I was just in the store and noted that the b/w sticker was only $1. It used to be $5, I think, for the same reasons.

Where's your neighborhood? I don't see too many impeachment signs on my street. BTW, Grand Central-Times Square is part of my daily commute from just across the Hudson River.
Anonymous was me.
Mine is near-west-side of Madison, WI, <10 minutes by bike path from the UW campus -- our ward voted 84% for Kerry in '04 and 85% for the divine Rep. Tammy Baldwin last month.
Thanks. I saw your profile after commenting.
Amazing numbers in your neighborhood.
BTW, here's an image:
Subversive attaché
I'm afraid the link to your attaché got bloggered, ask. Do repost (maybe just as a plaintext URL)!
Second attempt:
Second attempt:
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