Monday, January 15, 2007

The AARP Set

by Tom Bozzo

We're watching the Golden Globes — yeah, TV happens in our house once in a while — and an ad is using the Buzzcocks to promote the friggin' AARP.

Here's the deal: while there are some '70s punk rockers who may soon be formally eligible for AARP membership, Classic Punk Rock is still the music of no more than Ken's not-quite-yet-AARP-eligible cohort. Moreover, this couldn't possibly be consistent with the age profile of opposition to same-sex marriage. And if you need something even more marginally-safe-for-work, try this.
I loved Tina Fey's outfit. Anything after that was going to be anticlimactic (especially when Dreamgirls started winning).

Two possibilities (in ascending order): (1) the 20somethings making the AARP ad said "let's get some old music" or (2) the AARP knows that many of us ascending-to-50s are not fond of them after they pushed Medicare Part D, and are trying to make good in a Big Chill, see-we-have-commitment-too type of way.
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