Monday, January 08, 2007

It's Up to You, New York, New York!

by Ken Houghton

An article that is nearly completely devoid of information raises some questions:
Mayor Bloomberg is about to unveil the city's own "NYC" brand of free condoms - in packets with a variety of colors representing the different subway lines, The Post has learned.

Gotham will be the first city to have its own signature municipal condoms, officials believe....

"The condom packets will be modeled after the New York City subway system. Every foil will have a color," said Carol Carozza, spokeswoman for Ansell, the firm producing the NYC condoms - and the parent firm of LifeStyles condoms.

Affiliation T-shirts that should be marketed: "No [IRT/BMT/IND] Glove, No Love"

Further speculation welcome, with the reminder that this is a family blog.
Evidently inspired by the Hitchcock train-going-into-a-tunnel visual gag from "North By Northwest." I predict nobody will want to use the RR -- it never comes.
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