Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'm Free to Do What I Want Any Old Time (*)

by Tom Bozzo

Another year, another postal rate case.

I was a fortunate soul who got out of grad school with a slim (124 page) dissertation of the prove theorem (**), implement sexy time series analysis, and get back to the good job I already held variety. So the three hundred pages of written testimony — plus written and oral cross-examination, plus a hundred pages or so of relevant briefing — feels like two or three dissertations packed into the last 10 months (all on the Postal Regulatory Commission website for those of you with an unfathomable need for more information). Just in case you've wondered about the light blogging.

I am ready for a nap.

Or, maybe, a game of Civilization IV.

Normal life to resume soon.


(*) As long as it involves working 40 hours a week, paying the mortgage, etc.

(**) Not my idea to call it a theorem — one of my committee members insisted a mathematical result be restated in theorem-proof form.
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