Saturday, February 17, 2007

Annals of My Switch to Google Reader, Part 2

by Ken Houghton

I am not what you could call an "early adapter." (Working with IT people can cause that, as can having children [reducing disposal income, or changing utility preferences, depending on your perspective].) So it took me until a couple weeks ago to start using the various "readers."

I've settled, at least for now, on Google Reader, it being easy, accessible from the office, and not requiring data duplication on multiple machines. And it has affected my blog reading; blogs that do not offer any feeds—I'm talking to you, AngryBears; note that several others are several steps further along —are, probably, checked less often, while I may miss a day or two of the NYT cartoons.

Overall, though, it has offered more information more efficiently. And, contrary to the claims of some, it has also produced some interesting juxtapositions.

This piece, for instance, projects great patient benefits:

Patient Safety Through Technology

while the following piece noted how those benefits might be taken away by technological advances of another type:

Growth Drug Is Caught Up in Patent Fight

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For AB, this works for me:
Thank you, Mark.

I generally search a site for "Atom" "RSS" "XML" and "feed," on the I-thought-not-unreasonable assumption that any blog providing a feed would have it on its main page.

It appears I am incorrect, though I am not certain why (why one would offer a feed and not mention it, that is).
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