Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The First Encouraging VISTA note on this blog

by Ken Houghton

In my deep, disreputable past, I worked as a Stage Manager for a VERY
Off-Broadway Theatre Company. One of the shows we did was an original musical,
where the composer/arranger/pianist was a Shaker Heights native and recent Yale graduate named David Pogue.

Yes, that David Pogue.

Via Slashdot (/.), I see that he has written "[t]he only reference source you'll need to learn Microsofts [sic] Vista."

Good to see the boy making good, but I'm still not "upgrading" to it. At least Phantom Scribbler will have some guide, should she choose that option.

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Ha! Can't believe it!

What show was it, by the way? Don't tell me it was "The Emporium" or something, circa 1986?

How comforting. Ahem.

(I'm leaning Mac at the moment. And I'm apparently not the only one. My husband reports that the big box electronic store where he went to scout out the situation, there were signs encourging people who didn't want Vista to buy Macs.)
Phantom, the current crop of Mac laptops are excellent -- I doubt you'd end up regretting the move.

Should you take that route, and if the admission price isn't an object, the MacBook Pro has some features (bigger screen, dedicated graphics hardware) that would probably give it a longer service life and justify the additional expense over time. My trusty Titanium PowerBook, while slightly crippled, still gets light use at age six (which is like 350 in computer years)!

Either way (MacBook or Pro), get 2 GB RAM, esp. if you'd have any thoughts of running a virtual XP computer once in a while.
You got it in one, David.
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