Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Night Palate Cleanser

by Tom Bozzo

Julian Cope, "World Shut Your Mouth"

Unfortunately, frackin' Viacom's copyright action at YouTube prevents me from dedicating Pete Shelley's Homosapien (audio excerpt here, Java req'd) to Bill Donahue. But here's to you, Bill!

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Excellent choices, both.

I thought of you two nights ago when I discovered that eMusic has acquired Felt's catalog. I finally own my first legal copy of "Primitive Painters."
Thanks, Phantom. Julia and I were having a lot of fun picking some upcoming palate cleanser selections. Fortunately, she didn't ask me to explain what the Bangles' "In Your Room" was about...

I'll have to check out eMusic, seeing as their catalogue is all-indie (though iTunes has expanded hugely, too). Plus, the files are unprotected MP3, right?
Right. No DRM. Yours to do with as you wish.
When I was doing my honors thesis on computer chat boards way back when, I chatted with a guy who claimed to be Julian Cope (his username: Julian_Cope). I didn't believe him, although I still wonder about it.
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