Thursday, March 08, 2007

THREE YEARS AGO TODAY (formerly, Well, So Much for Rooting for the Red Wings this Year)

by Ken Houghton

NOTE: This is a recycled post from the 27th of February, except for the Second Update Below, which should give full context to the first update.

Scott is likely to explain the full details. [And did.] Suffice to say that this doesn't tell the half of it:
While playing for the Canucks in March 2004, Bertuzzi sucker-punched Colorado's Steve Moore in the head in one of hockey's ugliest episodes. He served a 17-month suspension.

I'll be waiting for ESPN to post a correction of their use of "sucker-punched."

What Scott Will Say.

UPDATE: I found the video on YouTube. No embedding, and not recommended for the faint of heart. This is a family blog.

UPDATE THE SECOND: ESPN provides an update on Steve Moore. Curiously, no one mentioned his name at the trading deadline*:
He makes periodic visits to the renowned Cleveland Clinic and to his Toronto doctors, but he said he still has concussion-related problems that have prevented the physicians from clearing him to take contact and to attempt to play....

It has been three years since Moore was wheeled off the General Motors Place ice with three fractured neck vertebrae, a concussion and facial lacerations.

I guess that's the closest we'll come to a correction of "sucker-punched" in the previous article.

*I hasten to note that Scott was absolutely correct about Luongo for Bertuzzi:
trading an elite goaltender for Bertuzzi was an extraordinarily bad trade leaving the morality out of it.

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