Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bullets of Stuff I Might Have Blogged About In Greater Depth

by Tom Bozzo

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Actually, for the past few years in Delaware we have a wonderful theater called Theatre N, housed in the Nemours Building in Center City, which shows art films every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, evenings and matinees. Often there are discussions after the films either there or people adjourn to Deep Blue or other nearby watering holes. It is a great alternative when you don't want to make the 20 minute ride up to the Ritz in Phillie.
I'd forgotten about that, though qualitatively one part-time screen vs. 6+ full-time screens doesn't really change things. Also, Center City Phila. is not just 20 minutes away. Not to disparage Wilmington more broadly, but its multiplexes both suck and blow.
I agree on both points! My comment was not made to take anything away from Madison.
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