Thursday, February 22, 2007

What Does al-Maliki Say Now?

by Ken Houghton

I've been avoiding commenting on the Rape of Sabrine, mainly because I have nothing to add to Riverbend's posts, Shakespeare's Sis, and multiple other blogs, save the comment that al-Maliki clearly learned his governance procedures from the curent Administration:
Iraq's prime minister has sacked an official who demanded an international enquiry into the alleged rape of a Sunni woman by Iraqi security forces.

However, al-Maliki's claim that "the accusations in the [Sabrine] case were fabricated by Sunni groups trying to undermine the Shia-dominated security forces" now seems rather undermined:
Four Iraqi soldiers have been charged with raping a Sunni Muslim woman in Talafar, northern Iraq, officials say.

Brig Gen Nijm Abdullah, who acts as mayor, said the men had confessed.

Somehow, I doubt the argument that soldiers prefer 40- and 50-year-old victims to 20-year-olds will sit too well.

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