Monday, March 19, 2007

I Have a Free Option, but need advice on how to Exercise it

by Ken Houghton

Shira is willing to move out of the New York City area to wherever I choose (warm preferrable to cold, mountains preferred to plains, but those can be free-finessed), on the condition that I be able to get a job there first.

Given that I am a lazy sod, I have never found out the process for finding a job in an area in which one doesn't live. Any advice?


Kinda depends on the nature of the work you'd be seeking (both size of employer and type of job), not to mention salary requirements.

I'd once made use of the service of a recruiter specializing in economics jobs, which is useful for larger consultancies and government agency work, though I got pointed Madison-wards by the UW-alum profs who educated me.

Unfortunately, warm, mountainous, and nice often = $$$$$. Go to the Twin Cities and let global warming do its thing...
She mentioned Denver, so clearly "warm" is not an absolute. (My counter, Tucson, elicited the "only if you have a job" reply.)

Salary requirements are open, due in part to the piggy bank known as NYC-area real estate, which could make V slightly higher in the standard consumption equation. (That is, I can be had cheaply for the near term.)
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