Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How Not To Fill Out an NCAA Bracket

by Ken Houghton

Ken: Did you go to PT today?

Shira: Yes. I filled out a March Madness bracket.

Ken (after pause): And you didn't call me? What do you think I've been doing (other than work) for the past two days?

Shira: He had copies from the Star-Ledger, which can't spell "Indiana." I'm competing with a bunch of "little old ladies." (hopefully) I picked Georgia to win it all.

I decided at that point not to tell her that my Business School alma mater is not in the tournament. I'm not certain if she picked Georgia Tech (a 10 seed), George Washington (11), or Georgetown (2).

UPDATE: It was, naturally, Georgia Tech. Which would be considered adding insult to injury. She notes—rightly—that if Tech goes anywhere in the tournament, everyone is to point out that she knew what she was doing.

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