Monday, April 16, 2007

Two Notes, courtesy of Jeremy

by Ken Houghton

  1. As part of my MiL's birthday celebration Saturday, we made a hegira to The Other Mouse. Pictures of the near-six-year-old at Skee Ball to follow.

  2. A quick glance through the entertainment for BratFest produces acts closing on Saturday and Sunday nights that are giving me flashbacks: Marty Balin and Orleans. I suspect this does not bode well for their local appeal, though (unlike Crawfish Fest here) it seems reasonable to assume that the music is not necessarily the event's main attraction.

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Did you show your six year old how you score better at Skee-Ball if you bank it off the side rather than try to throw straight? One is never too young for that tip.
The Brat Fest headliners occupy extended hours that coincide with the introduction of beer sales to the event. (It used to close at a slightly-too-early 6 PM.) The organizers must figure that the later-evening brat-and-beer consumers won't be too discriminating.
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