Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Brother Orson and Humor used Unironically in the same Sentence

by Ken Houghton

My Loyal Reader forwards this Wonkette post about Mitt Romney's Exploding Plastical Inevitable Campaign.

I'm certain most of you have seen the quote discussed elsewhere. And even the exegesis of it as being from Orson Scott Card's The Memory of Earth. But I don't remember the book ever being described as:
seven-year marriage contracts are a humorous feature of neo-con sci-fi author Orson Scott Card’s book The Memory of Earth, which is itself a science-fictionalization of The Book of Mormon.

Now, the good folk at Tor (or anyone else who read that far in Card's oeuvre) are free to correct me, but my memory is that the Prentice Alvin series was Card's retelling of The Book of Mormon.

And does no one else remember those LDS (iirc) commercials from 1970s late-night television (we're talking Tom Snyder, and Geraldo as a semi-real reporter) with the couple who come before a judge asking to be married forever because they have found Jesus Christ? (Though, I note for the record, they want to be married to each other, not some Semite who allegedly traveled only in Orthodox areas, ca. 30-33 C.E.)

I'm willing to give credit where due, but I suspect both Brother Orson and Massachusetts Mitt were watching the same commercials I was, though perhaps with a bit more reverence.

UPDATED with link to Obsidian Wings. Credit Ana Marie Cox with the description of The Memory of Earth, op cit. Once a Wonkette...?

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