Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Marathon Ramble

by Unknown

A couple of sociobloggers (see here and here) are talking about the upcoming Madison marathon. I'm sure Bourdieu has a thing or two to say about the professorial predilection for jogging, no doubt tying it to the anxious striving for conformity of those who have more cultural than economic capital.

At any rate, I'm reminded of my one and only marathon experience, which pretty much turned me off running for the next 22 years and counting. Solitary, poor, nasty, and brutish pretty much describes it. Short? Well, not so much.

It probably didn't help that the course profile of my hometown marathon looked like this. An 1800-foot elevation gain starting at mile 8 makes for a nice bell curve, but not for a pleasant first marathon experience.

I assume the Madison marathon is a bit friendlier. Good luck to all those attempting it!


The course is urban and therefore pretty gentle. (It's very friendly to my biking.)

The Ironman Wisconsin triathlon, on the other hand, apparently features enough elevation change as the cycling course winds its 112-mi. way through the terminal moraine to the SW of the city to make it quite the ordeal.
It's called "running Jeremy out of town," Kim.
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