Friday, June 08, 2007

History Lesson

by Tom Bozzo

Digby considers the possibility that Lynne Cheney [neigh!!] could be appointed to the seat vacated by the recently deceased Wyoming Sen. Craig Thomas and sez No Thanks:
When the Republicans go on about that ruthless power couple of Bill and Hillary Clinton, they are doing their usual projection. Dick and Lynne are the real deal...

Lynne is one of the most aggressive people in public life, completely confident and totally mendacious. Big Time.
The strategic issue is that Wyoming's Democratic governor could seek to pick a total loser to run against a Democrat (possibly himself) in 2008. [*] So why not pick the least electable candidate?

A little Wisconsin history may be on point. While we were researching the history of the Wisconsin Democrats for our late neighbor's memorial event, one tidbit was that elements of the UW political science department had thought that Robert M. LaFollette Jr.'s 1946 Republican primary opponent was unelectably wingnutty. That opponent was Joseph R. McCarthy, who won the primary by 5,000 votes. So I'm with Digby: one Cheney [neigh!!] is more than enough.

[*] I read a post to this effect yesterday, but danged if I can remember where. Link forthcoming if I do.

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Wyoming democrats have a bit of a history in making political ploys that later come up and bite them in the ass. Some historians argue that one of the reasons why Wyoming became the first territory with women's suffrage is that a bunch of Democrats in the legislature wanted to embarrass the Republican governor by forcing him to either support the "ridiculous" idea of women's suffrage or veto it, and in the process alienate some constituents.

Of course, Wyoming has not been shy about claiming bragging rights on women's suffrage ever since.
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