Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What a Difference a Letter Makes

by Tom Bozzo

Some of you may have heard about the Matalin/Carville letter among the pleas for leniency in the I. Lewis Libby case. Their letter ended:
My [sic] family is praying the wisdom and mercy you bring to bear in determining Scooter's future will include a consideration of his family, the price they have already paid and what further justice would be served by additional devastation to them and the many other children who love Scooter.

[signed] Mary Matalin [and] James Carville
Actually, they really mean the "many other children who love scooters."

Actually actually, Scooter is perhaps lucky that having letters Totally Defiant of Credulity like that written on his behalf doesn't make him eligible to become a neighbor of Ted Kaczynski out there in Florence, CO.

Meanwhile, in the department of Possibly Too Much Information, we learn that if right-wing shill tells Democratic political consultant and Professional Media Crazy Person [*] spouse, "Sign this, worm," it gets signed. My faith in the Democratic Party would be improved if this led to the end of the "Democratic" association for Mr. Carville, in which case he just be reduced to living off his insanity, sorta like Zoyd Wheeler but less mellow.

Otherwise, I'd prescribe a program of repeated knees to the groin, followed with "It's the crime, stupid!"

[*] Remember, commentators' insanity is a feature, not a bug, from the perspective of modern news programming. (Yes, I watched Network on the plane back from Amsterdam.)

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