Sunday, June 03, 2007

(MSP Airport) Why Are We Still on Scary Threat Level Orange!!!1!

by Tom Bozzo

Don't they realize it prevents them from re-raising the threat level the next time the WPE is in (even worse) political straits?

Just wondering, what TSA genius came up with the idea of re-screening passengers who have (1) been subject to a couple layers of pre-screening, (2) been through security in the EU, whence we've exported our stupid frackin' liquids restrictions, (3) otherwise been trapped in a widebodied tin can for 9 hours, then (4) disgorged into your supposedly sterile immigration and customs areas. Isn't there some totally unscreened air cargo still in the system towards which those resources might be better targeted?

Thanks to the NWA agent who directed me to put [liquid treat redacted] into my checked bag. I was only surly because my body clock is telling me it's 1 A.M. Should [liquid treat redacted] not make it to Madison intact, I'm blaming the frackin' government.

Update: Liquid treat made it to Madison just fine.

The perspective afforded by two decent nights' sleep leads me to think that the concern may be the possibility for passengers to shift items into carry-ons that are allowed in checked baggage but verboten in the cabin. Technically, passengers may be allowed to check a variety of weapons and potentially dangerous articles — though you might reasonably wonder why some of those articles (swords? sabers? firearms?) should be allowed in any form of baggage. The result is that, to offer a guess as to the order of magnitude, maybe 999,999 parts of a million of the effect of the regs falls on (mostly) harmless liquids.

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