Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday Preschooler Extra: Splashdown!

by Tom Bozzo

As of Thursday morning, I'd have said that the agglomeration of waterparks in and around Wisconsin Dells (less than an hour from Madison) was unfashionable and lame. By Thursday afternoon, I'd have said that it was unfashionable but fun! And I have the patchy sunburn and sore legs (*) to show for it. I'll save criticism of the relentless tourist-trapping and class warfare in Teh Dells for another post.

The kids liked it, too — and the ability of children to distract themselves almost limitlessly around water is a not-inconsiderable part of the appeal. (**) Here's John splashing down in one of the kiddie pools. (He would graduate to slides as big as a four-year-old is allowed to ride.)




Julia had fun, too, though she stuck (for the time being) to the wading pools:

(*) Friday's total included seven trips up one slide @63 steps ea., three trips up another @83 steps, and 12 trips up a third @ 56 steps, for a grand total of 1,362 steps of waterslide climbing (John joined me on four, two, and seven of those trips, respectively); that's the rough equivalent of climbing a 91-story building's stairs.

(**) Though the appeal of what amount to rollercoasters that get you wet goes some distance, too.

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I love your tag "just life", for so many reasons. The first is, of course, that the parts of life that count as "just" are, I suspect, the actual life parts. The rest is just so much over-rationalised flotsam. The second is that I have a great deal of correspondence at the moment with The Large Government Department Governing My Right To Stay In This Country Of Which I Am Not A National.

All of its materials (including its letterhead, envelopes, and each page of its forms) contains the mantra: Building a Safe, Just and Tolerant Society.

So I hope I get to live the just life, if'n you know what I mean.
Thanks, Xtin. I hope the Government you're dealing with is more competent at timely resolutions of the rights of resident aliens than ours.
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