Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Just a Baseball Note

by Ken Houghton

I was thinking about updating the Yankees, but instead, I want to review Barry Bonds's last three home runs:
  1. Number 755 (ties Aaron): Giants trail San Diego 1-0 as Bonds hits an opposite-field line drive out of the park to tie the game. (Giants end up losing)
  2. Number 756 (breaks tie): Giants and Nationals are tied at 2-2, 1 out, no one on. Bonds homers to give the Giants the lead. (Giants end up losing.)
  3. Number 757: Bottom of the first, man on. Bonds homers to make it 2-0. (Game still in progress UPDATE: Game-winning hit.)

I've been watching Barry Bonds hit for around 20 years. He is, if anything, better with his bat than the last time I remember seeing him live (an opposite-field fly ball to deep right-center that ended the 1990 playoffs at Riverfront). And, with due respects to the doubters, you don't get that from steroids. You get injuries and breakdowns (op. cit. Canseco, Giambi, McGwire), not the best producing NL left fielder at the age of 42/43.

UPDATE: See also Mark Cuban.

Now I'm going back to listening to this Bee Gees concert at Wolfgang's Vault.


In some cases, you get injuries with steroids. In others, you get an artificially prolonged career due to enhanced regeneration of damaged tissue.
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