Sunday, August 05, 2007

A Tale of Two Annes

by Ken Houghton

Jeremy (indirectly) reminds me that the Patroness Saint of this blog has a new film in limited release Friday.

Even more cool, from a personal point of view, is that the divine Anne Newgarden got her first cover editorial credit for a book of Jane Austen excerpts and quotes with some nice, favorable reviews.

Check it out. Check them out.

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If Hathaway were only as beautiful as she is, she'd be hard to watch in any movie.

As it is, she is also talented, funny, incredibly likable, and she lights up the screen, making her impossible for me to watch without heartbreak. Therefore I'll probably try to avoid the movie for a while and then give in and go torture myself.

I just hope it isn't like Miss Potter and doesn't try to tell us the story of how Jane Austen, like Beatrix Potter, was most interesting because once upon a time she fell in love with a boring guy who wasn't at all as talented, intelligent, or energetic as she was.
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