Tuesday, January 09, 2007

If You Can't Beat 'Em...

by Tom Bozzo

My effort to convince the Googleborg that we have no particular association with this image [link no longer functional -ed.] or this image of Anne Hathaway (present post excepted) has been a total failure, even though it applied methods that has successfully rendered Jeremy's blog invisible to search engines at various times. (*) Actually, it seems to have been effective at preventing searches that might validly lead here, while doing nothing about the Hathaway issue. Go figure. While it's been surprisingly dispiriting to watch the Site Meter spin up to a thousand visits a day, at least it's had the external benefit that I no longer pay much attention to the Site Meter.

In any event, I confess my powerlessness to exert a sufficiently targeted influence on Google. If you came for Anne Hathaway and stayed for the blog, welcome. If not, see the links above.

In other meta-blogging news, I've cut a couple of presumed-deceased blogs from the blogroll without prejudice and added a few new links. The big news of the 'sphere is the fin du blog of cultural stud and one-time Marginal Utility commenter Michael Bérubé among a wave of retirements. We wish Michael and family well and thank the rest of our blogrollees for not letting "real" "life" get in the way of your blogs.


(*) Forensic blogologists of the left should note that Jeremy's deep archives provide key documentation of just where everyone's favorite nonpartisan law-prof-blogger went off the deep end.
I have an ambivalent relationship to my google invisibility.
It's one thing to succeed in achieving invisibility and to be ambivalent about it. Trying and failing is just annoying.
I just want to c/a/r/p/ note that the first link is 403 (forbidden).

But it's good to see you're back and working on things, instead of going all Berube on us.
Thanks, Ken. As for the link, not my problem -- maybe where I failed, some bandwidth-conserving webmaster out there will succeed.
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