Thursday, November 29, 2007

Self-Correcting Blogthingy Inaction, N. Gregory Mankiw Edition

by Ken Houghton

Why I Don't Read Mankiw's blog any more.

With the lack of comments, Mankiw has become a clipping service. And the problem is that he's not a good one. For instance, why read Mankiw citing Ruth Marcus (offered without comment and no comments) when one can read Thoma, DeLong, Baker, or Krugman, all of whom actually look at and discuss the evidence? Why read Mankiw on NPR's sock story, when Felix Salmon destroys the same?

Keith Hennessey may have told Mankiw to "start a blog," but he should have told him not to use Instapundit as his template. (Exception noted.)

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