Friday, November 09, 2007

Where I Am

by Tom Bozzo

Earlier in the week, I failed to blog from two new states — maybe I can try to get all 50 into the set of states I've thought about blogging from but haven't — and might add a third next week. This is limiting my blogging time.

So is fiddling around with Facebook, where I've been studying what I've tentatively called the Facebook-Fogey Taper — e.g., there are currently 63 profiles for my college graduating class (1990), whereas the class of '05 has "over 500." However, even that thin coverage did allow me to discover the latent irony that my conservative nemesis from (undergrad) Economics of Central Planning class is now an associate professor at a small liberal arts college, whereas I'm a consultant with equity in my employer. I have also learned that some potential Facebook horrors, such as "Greg Mankiw just poked Brad DeLong," seem to be urban legends for now. Greg Mankiw isn't even Brad DeLong's friend as of this writing! However, two of my so-far three friends' own friends list do invite me to "poke Ann [Althouse]" first and foremost. Eww?!

So, if you're reading this and on Facebook, feel free to be my friend. If you are an actual friend and haven't been friended by me yet, I probably just haven't found you since I've been fending off questions from Suzanne as to what on earth I'm thinking.

Nevertheless, I've managed to hold forth on one of my favorite topics over at Total Drek.

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I joined Facebook because of a 20-something former coworker who, of course, uses it extensively.

Now there's supposed to be something about Facebook Wall, which has me singing the chorus of "Volunteers in America" without seeing it.

Friends don't let friends poke AA, even if Jeremy "I'm on hiatus and still posting more than the guys at MU" Freese wants you to.

Any chance you're going to N'Orleans for the AEA?
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