Saturday, December 08, 2007

Brad DeLong Notes a piece of Literary History

by Ken Houghton

But then, as is his wont, contextualises it in an interesting manner:
May I just say that mainstream "orthodox" Calvinist Protestantism contains things orders of magnitude more bats--- insane than any of the "special" doctrines of the Book of Mormon?

And proceeds to post an excerpt from six books before the greatest piece of English literature ever written, wherein it is explained (roughly, colloquially) that salvation is only achieved by making mistakes, being saved, and understanding that one has been saved.

I don't understand the problem. Surely this is to be preferred to the subsequent "Straight is the gate/And Narrow the Way."

At any rate, this seems a good time to note, again that the film adaptation of (almost all of) the first book of the trilogy based on that strongly parallels that piece of Christian literature is in wide release now, and well worth seeing on the big screen.

One sentence, Mannion-like review: "The polar bears are great, the girl is marvelous, Nicole starts a long arch from a high point, and the Church may well wish it had been allowed its other trappings, instead of reduced to buggery and opposition to human inquiry."

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What part of "I will harden the hearts of the damned, and blind the sight of the damned, so I can say that their damnation is their own will" don't you understand?

Tough call; every religion has logically knotted doctrine ripe for the sniping. From my brief review last time I was in a Marriott hotel room, my impression is that the Book of Mormon is such pseudo-Biblical nonsense that I'd need the Rev. Brendan Powell Smith to do a LEGO version to know just how bats--- a Mormon fundamentalist really was -- beyond the bats---tery needed to believe that an angel plopped it down in NYS 180 years ago, of course.
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