Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Distraction

by Tom Bozzo

It's looking hard to resist rubber-necking at the expected stock market carnage, even though it's probably best to whistle past the graveyard. It's more fun to follow the FBTB.net Steam-Wars contest, no? What's not to like?

Star Wars.



Need I say more?

This is a blog, who am I kidding? Here are my favorites so far.

Funniest Translation Between the Star Wars and Steampunk Universes: "Astro the Navigation Monkey," from Mark Stafford's Royal Naboo AirForce 1. Some of you may recall Stafford's widely-linked Cthulego creations.

Looks Like It Really Could Work: Flickrite Monsterbrick's AT AT ELE walker. See the Stokertrooper (or is it the Stormstoker)!

The New Old Gilded Age Award: Thwaak's Imperial London Shuttle. Again, someone has to keep the fires burning; things are better up front.

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