Saturday, February 02, 2008

We Remain a Family Blog, Jeremy Freese Edition

by Ken Houghton

I can safely state that I have no idea whatsoever what video is being discussed here. And it appears that whatever it is is not something YouTube is ranking (apparently, this will surprise no one).

Then again, the only videos I've been watching recently are Bruce Cockburn and Brad DeLong, and whatever Rory or Steve embeds at EoB.

UPDATE: I found out what it is. Have no bid to see it.

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Who'd have known I'd post that, and decide also to throw in a borderline-TMI personal detail after the jump, and our blog would get a general shout-out from Tyler Cowen and so 10K page views within 13 hours, shattering all our previous records?
It certainly kept me from posting a note of familiarity with your predicament (though the Mayo Clinic wins the day).

You could simply have used the generic description of the video (2 ***** 1 ***), btw.
Re: the Mayo Clinic, I know. I never told my mom or the doctor about the content of the movie I was watching when I had the seizure, making it all the more an epidemiological puzzle.
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