Friday, March 28, 2008

Why I Expect I Won't Be Able to Vote for Obama in November

by Ken Houghton

It's not that I want to ignore Hillary's advice.

But let's look at this from a Sports point of view. My undergraduate alma mater broke the Division I record for a football team's losing streak (though, in fairness, the streak began the year after I graduated).

And while the MBA school has pretensions of being a football powerhouse (they are in the SEC, after all), they're rather more accomplished on the national level in swimming.

And no one will confuse the current campus—the most diverse college in the country—with the main branch, which goes to bowl games and manages to lose money.

So, since I have a chance to do graduate work at the school that just won its country's National Women's Hockey Team Championship, the opportunity for the sports culture shock alone is not to be passed up.

But it probably will make casting a ballot difficult. Advice/suggestions welcome.

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There's a reason you won't be able to get an absentee ballot? Or was this some kind of obscure comment about the state of the Democratic nomination race, or about the possibility of a coup pre-empting the election?

Start blogging a bit about Canadian economics.. pleeease

ps it's not that difficult to cast absentee ballots. There will probably be a student group of (American) Democrats studying at McGill that will be able to help you out.

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