Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dep't of Moon Shots

by Tom Bozzo

My prediction of the day (which has a less-specific timetable for achievement or failure than, say, Dow 36,000):

Even though it was a bullshit non-initiative initiative of the Bush Administration, the 'hydrogen economy' will prove to be a far less stupid idea than the biofuels economy.

Reference: Brad DeLong at Project Syndicate (h/t PGL at AB), saying this, which I think is wrong:
The first locomotive ["heavy investment in information technology"], however, ran out of fuel seven years ago, and there is no clear technology-driven alternative leading sector, like biotechnology, that can inspire similar exuberance, rational or otherwise.
This is wrong, in part, because nearly every sunbelt building's roof is just sitting in the sun like a dope.


Please correct the revisionist history: Dow 36,000 confidently set a timeframe of "the next few years."
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