Sunday, April 27, 2008

While Tom Creates Serious Posts, I compare Instapundit reactions

by Ken Houghton

I'm traveling Nostalgia Lanes recently, between cleaning out files and documents and some strange links in my e-mail. So let's Go to the Movies!

Robert Redford's Lions for Lambs averaged $3,025 per theater on its opening weekend in 2007.

Instapundit was loud and clear, twice, once directly:
"Lions for Lambs' Could Lose $25 Million." One can only hope.

and once while pillorying Redacted:
Lions for Lambs isn't exactly raking it in, either.

(I personally prefer this Google Advanced Search link, where the professor opened the week by wondering "IS THE DOLLAR TOO LOW? Or is the Euro too high?" linking to someone in the Torygraph who bemoans:
The die is now cast. As the euro brushes $1.50 against the dollar, it is already too late to stop the eurozone hurtling into a full-fledged economic and political crisis.

13+% later, we're still waiting for that European crisis.)

Now, Expelled, the selfmockumentary starring Ben Stein, opened wide and grossed $2,824 per theater opening weekend (nearly 7% less).

So what did we get?
I HAVEN'T SEEN BEN STEIN'S EXPELLED, and I regard "Intelligent Design" theory as pernicious twaddle. But it's interesting to see Stein clobbering Morgan Spurlock in box office. At any rate, according to the comments, at least, there's more to the film than I.D. twaddle.

Insty links,of course, to the Liberty Film people, who in turn link to a site that simply lies outright:
One notable success has been the intelligent design documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, featuring Ben Stein. Released on a little over 1,000 screens by the small Christian-based Rocky Mountain Pictures, the film picked up another $1.03 million on Saturday, and it will finish the weekend with just under $3 million. Not bad for a movie shot on a shoestring, released by a virtually unknown distributor and promoted very lightly.

Give you a hint: if you release on over 1,000 screens, you didn't "promote very lightly." Unless you bribed a lot of theater owners.

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